After Touch has been providing natural alternatives since 2008. It is our goal to continue creating natural alternatives perfect for sensitive and dry skin. If you struggle with dermatitis, psoriasis or allergies this product may be great for you. It also contains natural emollients to condition the skin and prevent dryness, irritation and protect for longer.

AFTER TOUCH Natural Antibacterial / Hand Sanitiser is based on a patented, innovative and proven bacteria control technology to eliminated and control bacterial organisms. Our product is a safe alternative to chemical based instant hand sanitisers, which can sometimes irritate the skin. It has been dermatological tested and suitable for all skin types.

Our mission is to continue creating natural alternatives to harmful chemical-based products, for a safer, cleaner, and healthier future. AFTER TOUCH Natural Antibacterial / Hand Sanitisers are alcohol-free and made from plant-based active ingredients containing bioflavonoids. Ingredients also include added Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf Extract which will leave your hands feeling soft and impeccably clean! More and more people are switching to the benefits of the natural world.