AFTER TOUCH Natural Hand Sanitiser contains a patented antibacterial composition giving superior performance and killing more than 99.99% of bacteria in under 1 minute.

The formulation is made from natural ingredients extracted from fruit and plant sources. Originally developed for the hospital and health sector, AFTER TOUCH Natural Hand Sanitiser is effective against a wide range of bacteria.

Indirect transmission commonly occurs by touching the eyes, nose or mouth after contact with surfaces contaminated by the bacteria. AFTER TOUCH Natural Hand Sanitiser offers protection for all the family, at home, at work, on vacation, at school, etc. wherever infection is a risk from contaminated hands.

Foaming Ingredients

No synthetic surfactant systems are used in this product

A natural surfactant is used to provide a stable foam / lather and the ideal rheological properties on hands i.e. easy to rub into on hands

The tactile properties have also been taken into consideration and this non-tacky foam / soap helps to improve the condition of hands.

Skin Conditioning Ingredients

Pure Vegetable Source Glycerin and a specialist natural skin conditioner are adopted as the main humectants (moisture retaining ingredients) in the product. These special ingredients include olive leaf extract and willow bark extract.

Regular use of the product on hands will continue to improve the condition of skin and help to keep the hands moisturised throughout the day without reverting to using other creams or lotions.



"As heard on radio and seen in Body and Soul magazines."


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